Sarah at The Mom Chronicles does a great post every week called Thursday Ten. Since I’m a fan of putting my thoughts into important-looking bullets – you hush, it helps me think! – I thought I’d give this a try.

Except it’s Friday. And “Friday Ten” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. So I give you the very wordy Friday Five. As Nigel says, “And . . . cue music!”

  • Last night was the big night. Yes, it was my mom’s birthday (helloooo, spice cake!). But it was also the night my beloved So You Think You Can Dance returned. And it did not disappoint. From Cat Deeley and her furry white vest to Nigel’s crazy British insults (Exhibit A: the title of this post), all my favorite folks were back in my living room, where they belong. Although . . . the six-time men’s baton twirling champion, Crazy Kate, creepy “joint-tortionists” and the same-sex ballroom dancers don’t actually belong in my living room.
  • I have given in to peer pressure and started doing the 30-Day Shred. Day 1 (also known as Monday) was wretched. I thought I was going to die, and I was okay with that. Day 2 (yes, I am a glutton for punishment) was also torture, but in a different way. Working out didn’t make me feel like puking, but my muscles made it very clear how unhappy they were to be woken after years of inactivity. Day 3 actually took place on Day 4, because I had an allergy attack that wouldn’t be stopped. But by last night (Thursday, or Day 4), I almost felt normal again. Unfortunately, Annalyn woke up an hour early this morning, so I wasn’t able to shred myself. Thankfully, I’m quite sure Jillian will still be there come 6:00 tomorrow morning.
  • Annalyn has a new game, and it’s adorable. It’s called “Night Night,” and it has two versions. In version one, she grabs a pillow and/or a blanket, lays down and says, “Night, night!” Then she pretends to sleep. Because when it’s not actually bedtime, this apparently is a fun thing to do. The other version involves Mommy and Daddy pretending to sleep (and snore), then waking up. For some reason, that makes the kiddo giggle her head off. Which, you know, makes us laugh, too.
  • Tonight I’m going to scrapbook with my friend Christelle. I said I was finished with Annalyn’s one-year album last month, but really, I’ll finish it tonight. I still have to journal and embellish and generally polish it up. I still won’t be completely finished, though. (Will this project ever end??) I need to make a trip to the scrapbooking store sometime this weekend to buy extra page protectors and album extenders . . . because I had a LOT of pictures to deal with! And while I’m there, I think I’ll find someone to help me put the whole album together. I have a feeling it will involve screwdrivers, and I’m not so good with the tools.
  • Jessie has started a fun carnival over at her blog, The Vanderbilt Wife. She’s asking everyone to share their favorite family recipes – and already, I’m seeing a lot of yummy food! I had hoped to post about the Cheesy Chicken I make, based on a recipe from Mark’s mom. But thanks to a little chicken misunderstanding in our house, it just didn’t happen this week. Go check it out anyway! After all, you probably need a good dish to take to a potluck or BBQ this weekend, and I bet you’ll find something there!

All right, that’s all the randomness I can manage for now. It’s your turn – what’s your week been like? Do you have plans for the holiday weekend? Am I the only one who wishes Mary Murphy and her annoying-as-all-get-out scream would get booted off of SYTYCD?

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