Last month, as I was flipping through one of the parenting magazines I get, I saw a great ad. I’m pretty sure it was advertising a washer and dryer, and it was two full pages. The left-hand page showed a woman’s face and the words, “I think my laundry breeds on its own.”

Looking at that ad, I thought, “I love that! I should tear it out and . . .” That’s where I got stuck. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I just knew I liked it. Kind of wished I still had the giant bulletin board from my teenage bedroom.

For some reason, I don’t think Mark would go for that. Maybe if I could find a locker somewhere?

Today, Kelly is hosting a carnival called Show Us Where You Live, and this week’s topic is playrooms, bonus rooms and/or laundry rooms. Annalyn’s room is sometimes used as a play room (although, so is the living room), but I didn’t think about it in time to take pictures. So, the laundry room it is.

Of course, our laundry room is also known as our garage, so I had this brilliant idea. I could scan that ad and use it as a beautiful graphic for this post! Aha!

Too bad that in my half-hearted attempt to prevent further cluttering of my house, I’ve committed to throwing away magazines the second I finish reading them.


Guess that means I have to show you my “laundry room” now. Okay, here goes . . .

I’m not sure why we have three gallons of bleach on that shelf. Maybe it was on sale? Three gallons for the price of two? I’m not sure. The things you discover when taking photos of your house!

Also, you may notice that to the left of the washer is a big, cement sink. (Or is it concrete? I’m too lazy to look it up right now, so let the record reflect that I do know there’s a difference, even if I can’t remember what it is.) That’s the sink that occasionally overflows, flooding the garage.

But back to the laundry. What’s that? You’re wondering where the laundry is? Aside from the large pile of t-shirts on top of the dryer? Well, if you’ll turn to your right, you’ll see . . .

Here it is. It’s not always quite so out of control. I promise! Sometimes (about every other week), Mark decides that it’s time to fold up our clothes, and I decide to put Annalyn’s clothes back into her closet. And it’s all clean and tidy. But normally, here’s what you’ll find in our laundry area . . .

And that’s all the laundry room I can show you today. Because, really, the rest of it looks a whole lot like a garage. We’ll save that for another day!

What kind of laundry room do you have? Check out others, along with fun playrooms and bonus rooms, at Kelly’s Korner.

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