I realize it would be better to write, “How did you get here so quickly?” but I really felt like saying fast.

How was your weekend? Mine was busy, so as usual, I don’t have much blog brilliance for you this morning. Let’s just go with a list . . .

  • First, we will have a live chat tonight at 8 p.m. CST to discuss Me, Myself & Lies. ALL are welcome, and you’re welcome no matter where you are in the study. Let’s get back to cleaning out our thought closets!
  • This weekend’s scrapbooking retreat was a success. I finished 26 pages, or 13 layouts. Oh, all right, fine. So I still need to go back and journal and fancy them up, but the pictures are slapped down onto pretty paper. So I still call that a success!
  • And wow, the facility we were at was fantastic! I’ve done a handful of scrapping weekends, and this place was by far the best I’ve been to. If you live around these parts and like to scrapbook (or craft something – it’s for quilters, cardmakers, seamstresses, anyone!), I highly suggest you check out Maple Memories in McPherson.
  • Since I consider chips and salsa to be our fifth food group, it’s no wonder Annalyn also appreciates the salt and the spice. But it always cracks me up just how much she loves chips and salsa – or, as she was calling them last night, “bips and dotdot.”
  • And speaking of my baby girl – we’ve had a major development. Starting on Friday night – and huge thanks to her Aunt Smitty – Annalyn started walking behind her baby stroller. She even let Smitty hold her hands and walk her around the house – something she’s refused (complete with going limp, flailing around fits) to do with us for these last 8 months. Then on Saturday morning, she decided that she actually enjoyed walking behind her “beep beep strawer” (that’s the stroller, to those of you who don’t speak toddler) and hasn’t stopped since. Honestly, after months of frustration, this feels like a miracle. Especially since it’s happened just days before we go back to the physical therapist to see if she’s made any progress!
  • Last – and probably least – I had a 3-hour drive between the scrapbooking retreat and my house. And after several nights in a row of not nearly enough sleep, I needed help. Of course that included a gigantic Coke from McDonald’s, but I also found a burst of energy by listening to my Mamma Mia soundtrack. I just love that movie.

And that’s all. How’s your Monday? Manic? Monotonous? Mild? Moving? Something that doesn’t start with “m” or make me think of an 80s song?

Photo of bips and dotdot by Photo Mojo.

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