We’ve recently switched Annalyn’s naptime from the morning to the afternoon. This makes her a tired girl. I don’t eat enough vegetables, and I haven’t worked out since Day 4 of The Shred. This makes me a tired girl.

And that, my friends, is not a good combination when it comes to after-work trips to the Walmart.

Fortunately, between contact solution and tortillas, we stumbled into the cracker aisle. And since I know how anything labeled “cracker” makes my daughter oh-so-happy, I decided to pick up a box.

Plus, it was after work. And she wasn’t the only one who was ready for dinner.

As we strolled down the cracker aisle, my eyes were drawn to the red and yellow boxes of little cheese-flavored squares. Right. You know the ones.

The Cheez-Its. The one kind of cracker that I can’t buy and keep in my house, no matter how much my daughter loves them. Possibly because I, too, love their salty, cheesy crunch. And possibly because a box of Cheez-Its in our house disappears faster than, well, a box of Pop Tarts in our house.

But the Cheez-Its we saw tonight? Oh, they were something special. They were . . . Scrabble Cheez-Its!

My friend Jeremy bought a box of these several months ago. When I saw them at his house during our Bible study, he acted all casual. All, “Oh, I bought them at Target.” Right. I’ve been to Target, mister. And I saw no such Scrabble Cheez-Its!

Okay . . . honestly? After I saw the special crackers at his house, I looked at every store around for a week or so. When I couldn’t find them, I figured it was a limited time, short-term, blah-blah, should’ve bought it sooner thing.

And then I cried.

Just kidding.

But when Annalyn and I found them tonight at Walmart? Well, you can be sure I bought a box.

And opened it up before she starved to death right there in front of my eyes. I know that was a possibility, because of the way she kept shouting, “Cracker! Cracker! Pease! Pease!” No, we’re not dramatic in this family. Not at all.

The good news is that somehow, putting letters on the cheesy squares of goodness makes them somehow, less good. I think Annalyn will actually get to eat all of her own crackers this time.

The bad news is that it’s just as hard to find the letters you want with Scrabble Cheez-Its as it is with the real game.

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