I think you’ll all agree with me that it’s been way too long since we played this game. So long that I’ve gotten pretty rusty.

I guess you’ll just have to help me out.

The only celebrity lookalikes I can think of are:

Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Meaghan Jette Martin
(I can’t even take credit for this one. I saw it when reading a review of the 10 Things I Hate About You TV show . . . which yes, of course I’ve been watching. What do you think?)

David Moscow and Matthew Morrison
(I watched a movie with Moscow last night, and I was just sure it was Morrison, the guy from GLEE. Turns out it was just his blue-eyed twin.)

Bruce McGill and Tyne Daly
(Seriously, how could two unrelated people look so much alike? Every time I see this guy in something, I say, “Oh my gosh, he looks just like Tyne Daly!” So this week I finally got around to looking him up. And nope, he’s not related. Just looks like it.)

Have you spotted any lookalikes lately?

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