Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken my blog survey. I’m noticing some interesting patterns, and I’ll share them in a few days. But since I’m sure you’re just dying to know the results, I’ll tell you one thing.

You all are big fans of honesty.

And that is a darned good thing, considering my creative juice is pretty much tapped by the time I get to share my thoughts, my heart and my life with you. I’d be real bummed out if I had to start making stuff up around here.

Honesty, authenticity, transparency – they’re all big buzzwords these days, but still seem to be characteristics sorely lacking in many environments. Including those specifically made for Christian women.

Let’s be honest about honesty – it’s not always easy. But I’m pretty sure – based on my oh-so-scientific survey – that we’d all agree it’s worth it.

And that’s why I’m excited to tell you about my newest project: (in)courage. Part of Dayspring, it’s a website, it’s a blog, it’s a product line. But more than that, it aspires to be a home for the hearts of women. A place where we can put our dusty feet up on the coffee table and just be. Be ourselves. Be real. Be honest.

Some of you may have landed here from a link at The Mom Creative. Jessica and I are just two of more than 20 women working on this project, and I can’t wait for you to meet them all.

Angela at Becoming Me is another woman taking part in (in)courage, and she’ll be writing about (in)courage tomorrow. Believe me when I say that you need to meet her. From her (admitted) struggles with perfectionism to her (former) career in public relations, we seem to have a little bit in common. I’m looking forward to getting to know her – and all the ladies of (in)courage – better!

You’ll be hearing more about this whole project soon, and it officially launches August 10th (that’s next Monday!). But check out Angela tomorrow, follow the trail of the other awesome ladies involved all week, and sneak over to for a preview today.

Remember – (in)courage on August 10. This is gonna be fun. This is gonna be real. Oh yeah, this is gonna be real fun.

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