Last week, I was inspired by Andrea’s fall reading list. Although, to be honest, I still can’t get over the fact that she organizes her reading lists.

Why don’t I do this??

Anyway, it seems that Katrina has a carnival for this sort of thing. I think it’s also supposed to keep us accountable for our reading goals. Does that make it an accountability carnival? Like there are clowns and ferris wheels along with the hard-hitting questions?

I don’t know what I’m saying. I really shouldn’t write my Monday posts on Sunday nights.

Anyway (again.), I’m going to share my fall reading list with you. But don’t judge me. It is quite possible – and probable, as you’ll see – that I read fluff, romance and keep-me-up-late mysteries. But hey, I’ve also got some uplifting fiction and potentially life-changing non-fiction. (A house that cleans itself? That would definitely be life-changing!)

I’m going to divide my list into categories. And I’m going to tell myself that it’s to share more information with you. But I know the truth. You may not be quite as intrigued by my reading choices as I am. It’s really just because I like complicated lists.

Books I’m reviewing (Yes, that means I got them for free.)

Books I’ve already read (but it was in September, so it counts)

Books I’m hoping will change my life

Books I have on reserve at the library

Books on reserve that I’ve already checked out once and didn’t read in time

Is it weird, wrong, bad that I have books called “Blood Game” or books with long legs on the cover on my list? And I can’t wait to read them?

Maybe. But I have diverse tastes. Do you? What are you reading this fall?


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