Remember – this Friday, October 30, is the Giving Up on a Perfect Halloween Carnival! I’ll have a giveaway, a scary embarrassing story, pictures galore and a place to link up your own imperfect Halloween posts.

Need inspiration? Well . . .

  • Have you ever turned off the porch light and eaten the rest of your Halloween candy by yourself?
  • Have you ever had a great idea for a costume . . . that didn’t quite work out?
  • Do you think it’s more fun to enjoy Halloween as a kid or as an adult?
  • Do you like haunted houses and scary movies? Or do they make you pee your pants scream?

Or, what about . . .

  • Your best homemade costume
  • Your favorite Halloween candy
  • The tastiest Halloween treats you’ve ever made
  • Your family’s fall traditions

Here’s what it comes down to, friends: There’s no perfect way to spend any holiday. So let’s kick off the end-of-the-year holiday rush by not stressing out. And celebrating our funny, scary, sweet and memorable stories about Halloween.

And, oh yeah, by entering to win a big ol’ prize. See you on Friday!

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