My disdain for housecleaning has been well-documented, so it’s a little odd that my daughter loves to clean as much as she does. But give that girl a Clorox wipe, and she is one happy camper.

Given her gotta-get-it-clean-Mommy tendencies, I haven’t been surprised to see how much she loves brushing her teeth. But what has surprised me a bit is her love of my entire morning routine.

From the minute I step out of the shower and crack the bathroom door, Annalyn is fascinated by every step I take to get ready for my day.

“Panties, Mommy?”
“Umm, yes, baby. Those are Mommy’s panties.”

Thankfully her interest doesn’t stop at my underwear. Because that would be weird. After she “helps” me get dressed, then we move on to our teeth.

“Remember, Annalyn. When I’m finished brushing, you’re finished brushing.”
“Okay, Mommy. Pft!”
“No, you don’t need to spit, baby.”

And then it’s time for makeup, although Annalyn’s Daddy kindly says we’re beautiful without it.

“Some. Some, Mommy.”
“Okay, baby doll. Here’s some chapstick for you. Go like this: MWAH!”
“Cheeks! Cheeks, Mommy!” “Lotion! Lotion!” “Eyes, Mommy! Eyes!”

My new morning routine takes a bit longer to get through, but it works for me. What does your morning routine look like?

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