Over the weekend, Mark was listing the many benefits of getting a new, fancy television. Again.

He explained that, now that many stations are going to HD, our not-that-old TV isn’t the right shape. So the sides of whatever we’re watching are getting cut off. And that just won’t do, apparently.

After nearly 16 years, though, he knows that possibly missing the crucial play in a football game is not likely to convince me to do anything – especially spend several hundred dollars. So he said the words guaranteed to get my attention: “And then we could get a DVR.”

I’m no fool, though, and I promptly replied, “We could get a DVR with this TV.”

It’s true. Despite my continued love – and use – of our VCR, we could get a DVR. But so far, I’ve resisted. Is this because I don’t see a use for it? Uh, no. Obviously (see: TV schedule), I could use a DVR to manage my addiction obsession attachment to a plethora of television shows. And I’d end up spending LESS time watching TV, I’m sure, because I could skip all those pesky commercials.

But would I? Really?

Probably not. You’re going to think I’m crazy (like that’s new), but I kind of like commercials. In addition to being great times to go to the bathroom, change laundry or empty half the dishwasher (or, okay, get a bowl of chocolate Cheerios), commercial breaks are a good chance to, well, watch commercials.

Whether it’s a quiet, happy little piece for phone service or Peyton Manning trying to sell pretty much anything, I have a soft spot for commercials. (And don’t even get me started on the Superbowl, which some people think is about sports.)

I blame my short-lived career in advertising. Although I’m pretty sure it goes all the way back to the days when my mom kept my brother and me quiet on trips to the city by telling us to count billboards for certain companies or products.

Whatever the reason, I do enjoy good commercials. And lately, two in particular have been cracking me up – and no, I’m not talking about the Old Spice guy. I’m talking about Geico’s bird in the hand commercial, and 1-800-Contacts’ “overly dramatic dramatization” about a man with “special eyes.”


Do you like to watch commercials – or do you skip right over them? What’s your favorite commercial or ad?

This post will be linked to Things I Love Thursday at The Diaper Diaries. Because, as I may have mentioned a time or twelve, I love commercials. Good ones, that is. Not the cheesy local commercials broadcast late at night. Unless we’re talking about Rhett and Link’s cheesy local commercials, and that’s an entirely different story.


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