On Monday night, we had friends over for dinner. I made the easiest thing EVER (pulled pork – a recent culinary discovery), and I decided that cheesy potatoes would be the perfect side dish to go with it. Piece of cake, right?

Well, not a piece of cake. I made brownies for dessert.

But I thought that throwing together a pan of cheesy potatoes would be simple. No fail. Or something. I’m sure you can guess where this is going . . .

Sadly, I didn’t cook the potatoes long enough. And as we sat down to eat and scooped mounds of pork and potatoes onto our plates, Mark said, “Ummm, how long did you cook these potatoes?”

Great. “Okay, let’s nuke it. Who wants to go first?”

Our friends insisted the potatoes were great (although Josh did, in fact, nuke his). After they left, I told Mark that I was so sad for them: If they thought THOSE potatoes were good, well, they must have never had GOOD ones!

It reminded me of a time our friend Ben came over for dinner. His wife was living in St. Louis, because they were in the middle of a transfer and move. So we had him over for dinner every week or so. On this particular night, I was back on the Weight Watchers wagon and decided to make a healthier pizza. I used turkey pepperoni and fat-free mozzarella.

It was the worst pizza I’d ever eaten.

The funny part was that Mark and Ben didn’t even notice until I said, “Ugh! That’s awful!” We all laughed. They’d been so busy shoving pizza in their faces that they didn’t even notice how it tasted.

I guess the moral of this story is that if you’re being nice enough to cook for people, they usually don’t care if it’s not perfect. And also, fat-free cheese is disgusting.

That – the friends being nice and even grateful for not-so-great food – is a finer thing, and this post will be linked up with Amy’s Finer Things Friday.

Have you ever had a cooking disaster when cooking for people [other than your family]?


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