This is not the actual invitation. Just so you know.

Several weeks ago, I received an invitation to a baby shower. It requested the honor of my presence (in not so many words) at a casual brunch for two girls from my church.

I’m friends with one of the girls, but I didn’t know the other girl at all. I checked the guest list (it was an e-vite), though, and saw several of my friends – so I knew it would be fun. I wrote it on my calendar and forgot about it.

Last week, Mark asked me if we had plans for the weekend. I told him that I was going to a shower for Erin F.

And then I started to think . . .

I’m Facebook friends with Erin F – and her husband – so I knew that she was scheduled for a C-section on Thursday. Thursday before the shower.

Hmm, I thought. That’s weird.

Then again, one of my baby showers took place the day after I came home from the hospital. So, I figured, sometimes things like that happen. Maybe she’ll Skype in?

Honestly. This is how my brain works. I really am a logical person, but every once in a while, I find myself arriving at the most ridiculous conclusion possible.

This was one of those times.

It wasn’t until the morning of the shower that it occurred to me that I might not be understanding the situation quite right. As I washed my hair, it dawned on me. The shower wasn’t for Erin F. It was for my good friend, Erin K.!

Or was it? I didn’t know!

Then, because once you enter panic mode the only thing to do is escalate and panic some more, I started questioning my decision to abide by the invitation’s claim that “presents are not required!”

They mean that . . . right?

Remember that nightmare where you show up at school without your clothes? I’m convinced the grown-up version is showing up at a baby shower without a gift.

You’ve probably guessed how this whole thing turned out, but I’ll tell you anyway. First of all, the shower was for my good friend, Erin K. (And Kelly, who I don’t really know but seems very sweet!)

And every other single person at that shower brought a gift. Gifts. Multiple gifts. Gifts were everywhere!

Except in my hand.

I didn’t bring a gift for EITHER Erin!

I don’t really know what happened to me. Normally, I’m a baby shower PRO. I’ve organized so many showers that I no longer need to bother searching online for baby shower games. Or baby décor ideas. Or invitation designs. Or . . . well, you get my point.

I guess everyone has an off day. Last Saturday, I had an off shower.

So – anything embarrassing happen to you lately? Please, share and make me feel better!

Image by soapylovedeb. This post will be linked to Friday Fails at My Blessed Life (in a couple weeks – it’s a monthly carnival).

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