Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet? Of course you have. Who waits this long? (Oh, right, me most years.) Well, just in case you still have a stack of envelopes sitting on your kitchen table, I have a tip that will make the card-sending process move a lot faster.

Use a glue stick to seal the envelopes. Yep, that’s it. Don’t mess with a dripping sponge and for Pete’s sake, don’t lick them. (You do remember what happened to George’s fiancee, right?)

Just glue them shut! It’s super fast, and if you’re slightly better than my three-year-old with a glue stick, it doesn’t make a mess at all.

In case you’re on the ball more than I am most years and have already sent your holiday cards, this tip also works well for thank you notes, birthday party invitations, shower invites and wedding invites.

Did you send out Christmas cards this year?

This post will be linked to Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family. Image by slackorama.

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