Sometimes I go overboard. Sometimes I have the most amazing idea and the best plan EVER, and I throw myself into the planning and the details and the making it perfect. As you may know, Christmas is the perfect opportunity for this kind of foolishness.

I say “foolishness,” not because my ideas and plans aren’t great. (Because, you know, they ARE.) But this foolish tendency of mine always leads to stress and expectations and disappointment.


Going overboard is never more tempting than Christmastime. I love figuring out exactly what kind of gift will delight each person the most. Honestly, I feel like a failure if at least one person doesn’t consider my gift the best one of the season.

Like I said – overboard. And foolish.

As I was making my Christmas list a few days ago, preparing for the shopping extravaganza that will happen as soon as we a) find a babysitter and b) find extra money after paying the bills, I remembered something.

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