Over Christmas break I watched a LOT of movies. Reruns and Christmas specials just weren’t cutting it, so I took full advantage of the Redbox and even managed to get to the actual theater a couple times. Here’s the review:

Inception: I was all prepared to have my mind blown, per every single Facebook post I’d read about this movie. While I don’t know if my mind was actually blown (Certainly it was not literally blown. That would be gross.), this was a GREAT movie. I really enjoyed it and would love to watch it again. With friends who like to dissect and analyze every little detail afterward. Any takers?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Since I’ve been embracing my nerd-ness lately, I figured why not add a movie based on a graphic novel to my rapidly expanding nerd repertoire? (You know, the one that includes Harry Potter and Joss Whedon? Yeah.) Well, I didn’t love the movie, but I did like it a lot. Michael Cera just cracks me up, although that may be residual appreciation based on my love of Juno and Arrested Development. The movie was super quirky, but a lot of fun. Thumbs up.

Tangled: We took Annalyn to see this on Christmas Day. It was her first movie in the theater, and it was a huge hit. Our whole family enjoyed it, and I’m sure we’ll add it to our video library as soon as it comes out on DVD!

How Do You Know: Smitty and I went to this one because there wasn’t really a movie out that we were dying to see. It was okay. Owen Wilson is not my favorite, but I did like Reese Witherspoon’s performance as a female athlete. And Paul Rudd’s character was as charming as the Paul Rudd my friend Chelley fell in love with back in Clueless.

Step Up 3: I love the original Step Up. I really do. In my line-up of favorite dance movies, it falls somewhere after Dirty Dancing but slightly higher than Save the Last Dance. I could watch it every week. And, actually, after watching this sequel, I was dying to watch it. Because Step Up 3? Not so great. The dancing is amazing, but the story and the acting are less than stellar. Pretty awful, actually. It was disappointing, though I’ll be the first to admit, not surprising.

Salt: When this movie first came out, I read that it was originally written for a man. Tom Cruise was supposed to play the part of the main character. Somewhere along the way (I suppose that would be when Tom Cruise decided he needed to play his crazy self in Knight and Day.), they changed it all up and Angelina Jolie took over the role of Salt. Who IS Salt? Is she a spy? Is she a traitor? Do we really care, as long as we get to watch Jolie kick butt? The action and the story, the idea behind the plot were both good. But I found it to be pretty cold. I love spy movies and action, but I would have liked a bit more emotion from the main characters.

A-Team: I never watched this show when it was on TV, so I didn’t have either a base knowledge of or nostalgia for any of the A-Team references in the A-Team movie. That left me with a group of dumb guys blowing stuff up and cracking jokes…which I don’t mind. But I didn’t love it either.

Easy A: LOVED it! This teeny-bopper movie was smart, sassy and fun. And I loved it. I can’t wait until it’s on cable all the time, so I can watch it whenever I want. You know, like Mean Girls. But better.

Letters to Juliet: I’d heard that this movie was really good, but I kind of wondered if it would be a little, well, dull. I mean, reuniting old people who were in love 50 years ago? It might not sound fascinating, but it was SO good! Sweet and cute and clean – and I liked it a lot.

Karate Kid: This remake was cute. It was also two and a half hours long and a little slow. But, you know, Jackie Chan is always pretty funny. So it had that going for it.

Did you watch any movies over the holidays? What were your favorites?

What should you watch next?


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