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As my TV show came to a close and my throat got even more scratchy, I began feeling desperate. I’d had a great post planned for today, but despite having an interesting topic, I was coming up empty. I had no words. No inspiration. No mojo.

And so, as I became more anxious for a blog post – and bed, I pulled up a drafted idea I’d saved a few months ago.

It was only this morning that I remembered Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday prompt. But I figure it’s never too late to write something real. So, here goes . . .


Five years ago I was in a weird place. An in-between place. A confusing place.

We’d left the church plant a couple months before and returned to our home church. Because our Sunday school class – the place we felt true community, real fellowship – had pretty much disintegrated after many of us left for the new church, we had to find a new group to hang with on Sunday mornings.

We jumped right in, shopping around for a Sunday school class that fit us. After three attempts, though, we’d basically exhausted all the options for young – or not-so-young – married couples, and we were frustrated. Disappointed.

On the work front, I had left my job at the ad agency for another agency in town. I worked in a beautiful old building on a street that smells like coffee and looks like Sesame Street. The position I’d taken had lots of opportunity, and my manager was a brilliant woman I knew would teach me a lot.

Unfortunately, I was miserable. My new job – the one that was supposed to save me from a place that had become frustrating and ugly – demanded crazy hours and a dedication I couldn’t muster, all for clients that sold mind-numbingly boring things like horse vaccines.

[I’d convinced myself that I could write about horse vaccines, because horses are nice. And healthy horses are even nicer. But the truth was I couldn’t do it. Just. Couldn’t. Do. It.]

As if those two situations weren’t enough, under the surface of normal, everyday, fine-thanks-for-asking, our finances and marriage were pretty rough.

Looking back, five years ago was not the best place I’ve ever been. So as I look at today and feel like it’s weird . . . and confusing . . . and definitely in-between, I am so thankful that today’s “place” is WAY better than five years ago’s!


Well, that was a bit longer than five minutes. But in my defense, I have a certain three-year-old itching to build a new house from her blocks. So, that’s a short, unedited look back into my life. And now I’m going to play with some MegaBlocks!

What did YOUR life look like five years ago?

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