Sooooo . . . do you remember that one time I said I was going to read 35 classic books before my 35th birthday? Yeah. About that . . .

I checked out Pride & Prejudice right away. I started reading it. And, well, I didn’t like it very much. Don’t get me wrong! It was funny, in a dry sort of way. And there’s certainly been a time in my life when I probably would have loved it. But I have to admit: I only trudged through about half of it.

Don’t hate me.

Actually, I’m not only giving up on the first book on my list of classics, but for now, I’m giving up on the idea of getting through 35. You all had such great suggestions, but when I compiled the list – even after leaving off the few I’d already read or had no interest in – it added up to 70 books!! That’s a lot of non-fluffy reading, people! So, I narrowed the list down – and then narrowed it down again.

And I came up with a slightly shorter than originally intended list of 23 books to read in the next three years. Drum roll, please . . .

Now, don’t get all riled up about which books made the list and how we should define “classic.” It’s true. Some of the books on my list weren’t written a million years ago. But they’re big deal kind of books, and I want to read them.

I’m also consoling myself and my lack of Jane Austen love with the fact that since last summer, I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series. No, I’m not calling them classics, but for the record, I did love them.

This is actually a two-part post, because in addition to sharing my Revised 35 23 {Books} Before 35 List, I also thought I’d tell you what’s on my reading list this spring. And, of course, by “reading list” I mean the books I have on reserve at the library.

I’m not going to lie. I like this list better than the first one. Not because the books will be better, though. They’ll simply be easier reads. I’m actually looking forward to all the books in this post! (Except the Kaye Dacus book. I already read it, and it was really cute. But I didn’t want to redo my collage!)

What are you reading this spring and summer? And what do you think of my revised classics list?

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