Despite the weird weather patterns we’ve been enduring this year, we all know that April showers bring May flowers. But in TV Land, April reruns bring May sweeps. And finales.

I really wanted to begin this post by announcing that I’m not watching nearly as much TV as I used to. Alas, that would be a lie. The truth is I’m watching less TV on my TV, but making up for it with my friend and yours, Hulu.

I mean, what am I supposed to do when even Big Bang Theory has full episodes online now?

So here we are again, with another post full of reasons why my house is never clean and my laundry is never folded. (And that e-book still isn’t written . . . but we’re not going to talk about that, okay?)

Even though it means saying farewell to some of my favorite shows for the summer* and no longer having an excuse (lame though it may be) for neglecting a sink full of dishes and basket full of clean towels, I’m excited for this month’s upcoming season finales.

*It does, however, mean saying hello to some of my other favorite shows for the summer, so just stay tuned for a post about that.

Here’s what I’m watching this month (not necessarily live, thanks to the Internet and my trusty VCR):

Thursday, May 5
30 Rock – 9 pm (NBC)

Thursday, May 12
Community – 8 pm (NBC )

Monday, May 16
Chuck – 7 pm (NBC)
How I Met Your Mother – 7 pm (CBS)
Castle – 9 pm (ABC)

Tuesday, May 17
Glee – 7 pm (FOX)
NCIS – 7 pm (CBS)

Wednesday, May 18
Breaking In – 8:30 (FOX)

Thursday, May 19
The Big Bang Theory – 7 pm (CBS)
Bones – 8 pm (FOX)
The Office – 8pm (NBC)

Wednesday, May 25
Modern Family – 8 pm (ABC)
Cougar Town – 8:30 pm (ABC)

Yeah, I know. That’s a lot of shows!

I’ve got my four favorite procedurals (Chuck, Castle, NCIS and Bones) and my four favorite comedies (HIMYM, Modern Family, Cougar Town and Community) from my original schedule. Plus, I’ve caught up on – and gotten caught up in – this final season of The Office for Steve Carell. And online television just makes it too easy to watch 30 Rock and Big Bang Theory (I can watch whenever I want! And it’s only 20 minutes long! I love watching TV!). And to top it all off, Mark and I have really enjoyed watching Breaking In, even though I’m sure it’s doomed to cancellation.

It’s worth noting (for all of you concerned about my TV-viewing habits) that I have let go of The Good Wife, even though I regret that decision every time I see a commercial for the show (or Jill reminds me that it’s the best show on television right now). And I only caught about half of this season’s episodes of Parenthood, although every single one made me cry like a baby. Also, even though Mark and I really liked watching No Ordinary Family in the beginning of the season, we got so far behind that our non-Plus Hulu couldn’t keep up. (I hear this show is also headed for cancellation, too, so I guess we dodged that bullet. You know, kind of like a super hero. Get it?)

What finales are on your TV schedule? (And don’t pretend like you don’t have one!)

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