A couple weeks ago I decided to make chocolate chip pumpkin bread. It’s really a winter-y food, but it’s also a tasty one, so we tracked down a can of pumpkin and got to cooking.

Every other time we made the bread, I used regular chocolate chips, but this time I bought mini chocolate chips. What is it about tiny things? Those itty bitty chips are just about the cutest thing ever seen inside my kitchen! (Well, you know, except for this.)

The mini chips were perfect for making mini muffins in place of one of the three loaves of bread (and a great preschool teacher gift – minus the three that I popped into my mouth before they were even cool!). But after making the bread, I still had about a cup of chips left.

What to do, what to do?

I looked up recipes using mini chocolate chips and ohhhh, did I find some delicious-looking treats!

On a weekend full of laundry, taxes and a little girl with strep throat, I wasn’t up for any elaborate baking. So I picked the easiest of the new recipes: chocolate rice krispy treats. Add 1/4 cup of cocoa, a teaspoon of vanilla and a cup of mini chocolate chips to your regular rice krispy treats – and hope for the best. Mine turned out a bit dry (thanks to the cocoa, I assume) and overly cocoa-y.

In other words, I’ll be buying more mini chips and trying some of these other recipes soon!

Do you like tiny foods? You know, like mini muffins, mini quiches or (my new favorite) mini chocolate chips?

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