Yes, I’m talking about romance novels again. This time I’m guest posting at Diaper Diaries for the Marriage Unwrapped series. Check it:

The first time I picked up a Harlequin romance novel, I was in sixth grade. Now, before you gasp, shudder and generally question my mother’s parenting abilities, let me explain. First of all, my mom didn’t know. Secondly, while my reading ability far surpassed my age, my comprehension – at least when it came to love scenes and the such – was a different story.

[No pun intended. But that was kind of funny, right?]

As the not-so-natural complement to my Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter’s Club books, I devoured the little white paperbacks full of manufactured romance and sap. And as soon as I moved up to high school, I graduated to Danielle Steele along with Mary Higgins Clark and college catalogs.

Those books weren’t my first foray into the world of romantic fantasy. Like every other girl I knew, I grew up on Disney princesses and handsome princes. And well before that, I memorized my mom’s recollection of the magical day when, as a teenager in youth group, she gazed at my dad and just knew.

I was raised to be kind to others, do my best, mind my manners and love God above all else. But I was also raised to believe in white knights, grand gestures and happily ever after.

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