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My blog calendar says that tonight I’m supposed to write a post about last week’s trip to Hilton Head. And my calendar also says I have another deadline tonight, and though I have the topic and a couple of sentences drafted [in my head], I will not be meeting that deadline.

I have no words today.

My friend Sara (you might know her as @gitzengirl) is dying. She’s been very sick for a long time, and this week she’s entered the last stretch of her journey.

And I have no words.

Sara’s other friends have been sharing the most beautiful, heart-full, God-honoring, friend-loving words all day long. Comments on her blog and messages on her Facebook page and e-mails shared with mutual friends – they’re all full of amazing words.

And I have none.

My friend is dying, and I don’t understand. I believe. I do. But this is hard. And this hurts. And those simple sad words are all I have.

Please read Sara’s story. It’s beautiful and full of the words I can’t find.

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