Why I Keep Going Back to Weight Watchers

A friend of mine has started going to Weight Watchers with me. Today was our second weigh-in together, and we each lost three pounds. Happy tears may have been shed. Internal happy dance may have been performed.

I’m so thankful she’s decided to do this with me, because when I try to do this alone, it does not work. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Weight Watchers works. But I don’t. Since my first few weeks (when I was actually successful) of my most recent WW membership, I’ve basically just been donating my money every month. Just like six of the other seven times I’ve done Weight Watchers.

Yeah, don’t do the math. It’s a lot of money I’ve wasted. But the thing is, I couldn’t just stop. I knew if I did I’d be admitting defeat, maybe forever.

On about the fourth day of my friend’s first week on Weight Watchers, she and I took our kids to the park with a few other moms from the preschool they all attend. My friend mentioned that she was doing Weight Watchers, and another mom – this mom, if you must know – went on the attack.

She ranted about how Weight Watchers was stupid and didn’t work. She raved about how HER diet was the better way – no, the ONLY way – to lose weight. And I seethed and shoved a few Doritos in my mouth to keep myself quiet. (I’m kidding. I did seethe, but I would’ve eaten those Doritos no matter what. What?)

Yesterday morning when we weighed in, I was relieved that both my friend and I lost. She’d told me that she believed me, that she knew Weight Watchers would work, no matter what that other mom said. Still, I had admitted that this is my eighth time doing Weight Watchers, and only once have I lost any real weight. Seeing the scale was evidence that the problem really is ME, not the program.

For all these reasons and more, I was inspired when our meeting leader suggested we list 25 reasons for losing weight. Her theory is that by the time we’re digging for reasons 20 through 25, we’ll finally get to the heart of our weight-loss issues. My theory is that by the time you get as overweight as I am, you’ve got a whole closet full of reasons to lose weight without even thinking hard.

But, since I have a couple different things on my mind here, I’m going to make this list a combination of the reasons why I want to lose weight in general and the reasons why I keep trying Weight Watchers to lose weight.

Why I Keep Going Back to Weight Watchers

  1. I want to shop in regular stores (i.e. Not Lane Bryant).
  2. I want to set a good example for my daughter.
  3. My husband has lost a lot of weight and now he’s way skinnier than me.
  4. I want to wear my “thin” clothes that live in the back of my closet.
  5. My back hurts when I stand – or sleep – too long.
  6. My knees hurt sometimes. They shouldn’t.
  7. I want to wear smaller shoes. Or shoes with heels.
  8. One time I said I would never have back fat. I do now.
  9. I want to feel pretty again.
  10. I’m so tired of failing.
  11. I really like it when people say, “Wow! You’ve lost so much weight!”
  12. I don’t want to get diabetes. Or heart disease.
  13. I want to feel healthy enough to have another baby.
  14. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.
  15. I want to have fun when I take my daughter swimming.
  16. I’d like to see if a smaller me would sweat less.
  17. I want to water ski again.
  18. I’m afraid that I’m known – even if it’s never out loud – as “the fat girl.”
  19. I’m tired of extra weight holding me back.
  20. I want to feel like myself again.

21. Weight Watchers has taught me how to eat well (portion sizes, no empty calories, etc.).
22. Weight Watchers is teaching me to eat more fruits and veggies.
23. Weight Watchers is a lifestyle that is manageable forever.
24. Weight Watchers is smart and healthy (I really do eat more fiber and protein now.).
25. Weight Watchers is a group of people like me, who get me and don’t judge me.

Those are my reasons for losing weight (and doing it with Weight Watchers). Are you trying to lose weight? If so, will you tell us why in the comments?

This post will be linked up to Top Ten Tuesday at OhAmanda. Even though I shared more than 10 reasons. Don’t tell on me. I’m also linking up to Share Your Sunday Best at Feels Like Home.

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