Double Vision

Edited to add: I actually wrote this post before getting ugly, itchy poison ivy all over my face (and other parts, ahem!). Clearly I needed a reminder that my appearance is not the most important thing in the world! I actually forgot that I had this post scheduled until this morning. I’m leaving it here, because I still think it’s funny that I’ve gotten so lax in my definition of appropriate going-out-in-public attire. Clearly, though, I’m rethinking just how important this is after all! Feel free to weigh in on THAT debate in the comments!

When I was in high school, I spent considerable time every morning curling my hair and carefully applying bright red lipstick. I’m not saying it was the most attractive look for me, but it’s what I did.

More recently, I’ve stocked my purse, my car and my office desk with powder, eyelash curler and lipstick. A girl can never be too prepared, right?

Simply put, I didn’t leave my house without a fresh coat of makeup. Just didn’t do it.

Flash forward to last weekend, however, and you’ll see a completely different picture. You’ll see me wearing stretched out yoga pants, plastic flip flops and absolutely no makeup. I did put on a bra (whew!), but combing my hair or putting in my contacts was apparently too much to ask.

That’s how I left my house to pick up a pizza. And run a couple other errands.

Who am I? And what happened to my lipstick-addicted self? I kind of miss that girl.

I was never a snazzy dresser, but I also wasn’t one of those girls wearing scrubs or pjs to class in college. And though I did wear my glasses to academic team meets during my senior year of high school (to look smarter, of course – it’s all about the intimidation when it comes to brain bowl), I hate how I look in glasses and rarely wear them in public. And yeah, there was the time when I was so stressed out and distracted the morning of a big fundraising event that I forgot to wash my hair, but typically, I’m a must-shower-and-wash-hair-every-single-day kind of gal.

Even when I first quit my job last year to stay home, I vowed to never become one of those stay-at-home-moms. I wasn’t about to start lounging and stop showering. I mean, EW! Right?

Except . . . well, when nobody expects you to dress up and, in many cases, dressing up doesn’t make sense (i.e. babies who spit up or toddlers who spill milk or preschoolers who can’t remember to put the lids back on the markers), it’s easy to start letting things slide.

Things have been sliding over here at my house. Just ask the Pizza Hut guy.

Now, I’m not a total slob. [yet.] I may only take about 9 minutes to shower and get ready in the morning, but I do shower. In general, I find basic hygiene (and contacts, because as I mentioned, I don’t have cute glasses or look cute in glasses) a must. But completely blow drying my hair has not been a priority for quite some time, and though I do put on real clothes before leaving the house each morning, makeup outside of moisturizer has fallen off the get-ready grid somewhere along the stay-at-home way.

Honestly, I never would have guessed that I’d let my daily beautifying routine go so far and so quickly. In general, I’m a pretty vain person. So to get to the point where I run errands in grungy (and I don’t mean in the formerly cool, Seattle grunge way) clothes and no makeup? I have reached an all-time low.

If you spend much of your day at home, do you find yourself doing less to your appearance? Or do you up a routine of showering, dressing and putting on makeup, no matter what your schedule?

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