Tell me I’m great.
Tell me I’m smart.
Tell me I’m beautiful, no matter what the scale says.
Tell me my idea was a good one.
Tell me you think I can do it.
Tell me you know I can do it.
Tell me it’s no trouble, that I’m no trouble.
Tell me you love me.
Tell me you know me.
Tell me it’s okay to skip the treadmill tonight.
Tell me you don’t care when I last mopped my kitchen floor.
Tell me my daughter is full of personality.
Tell me my daughter has good manners.
Tell me you can see how much I love my daughter.
Tell me dinner was good.
Tell me you’re glad I’m here.
Tell me you miss me when I’m gone.
Tell me I’m funny and fun and sweet and real.
Tell me I’m good.
Tell me I’m enough.

I saw this Hallmark commercial last night as I watched a TV show online. I know it’s for Valentine’s Day, and I know it’s a total cliche to get choked up while watching a Hallmark commercial. But I did.

Tell me it’s okay to cry.

The ad’s point is that everyone needs to hear SOMETHING, and as I watched it, I just. felt. so. much. I need to hear so many things. I need so much.

Tell me it’s okay to feel. Tell me it’s okay to need.

And the thing is – I don’t just need to hear these things on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or the third Tuesday of the month. I need to hear them every single day.

Tell me you won’t forget me in between the holidays, on the ordinary, no-greeting-card-necessary days.

It’s hard to admit what we need to hear, isn’t it? So many times my husband have had that tug of war: “What do you want me to say?” “If I TELL you to say it, it doesn’t mean anything!”

Saying, out loud and brave, what our hearts long to hear, what words we crave, what holes we need filled – it’s hard. And sometimes – okay, a lot of the time – it’s just not doable. (Am I alone in that?) So say it here instead.

If you could ask someone to tell you something today, what would it be?

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