If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, you know that one of the most fun perks is the swag. Sponsors of the event fill up registration bags with gifts and hand out products and trinkets at their booths. I suppose this happens at other conferences, too, but I’ve never received sponsor gifts as great as the ones I get at Blissdom!

A few of my favorites this year included an automatic (“magic,” as we’re calling it in our house) soap dispenser from Simple Human, a copy of The Lorax, and a plastic cup with lid and straw from Crocs. (I know. Who gets excited about a plastic cup? Right. I do.)

I also got a couple t-shirts, a couple reusable canvas bags, and a bag of Hershey Bliss chocolate eggs that I may or may not have devoured. But far and away, my all-time favorite sponsor gift EVER was a pair of Dr. Scholl’s sneakers from Famous Footwear.

Famous Footwear at Blissdom 2012-2371

First of all, getting a free pair of shoes is awesome, am I right? I don’t really need any other reasoning for this. But I have it anyway! The shoes are cute and, even more important to me, they are super comfy. And, boy, did I need comfy shoes after being on my feet for several hours and then cramming my toes into pointy heels for the Girls’ Night Out party at Blissdom!

After working on the Blissdom staff this year, I know the conference would not exist if it weren’t for the amazing sponsors who are so very generous to the attendees. From cookies and yogurt to greeting cards and wrapping paper, the sponsors of Blissdom gave the best gifts this year.

The only downside was getting it all to fit in my bags! (And saying a sad goodbye to the remaining chocolate eggs that wouldn’t fit in my carry-on . . .)

Have you ever gotten a cool gift at a conference?

Top photo taken by my new friend Nancy Doud. Second photo taken by the amazing Casey Mullins.

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