“Great parenting!”

That’s what the pediatrician we saw this morning said to me. Sarcastically.

Last week, we took a turn back into Tantrumville. Annalyn started the day after Halloween with a whopper of an ugly fit. So when she started Friday morning crying and whining about feeling dizzy, I felt fairly certain she was lying and sent her to school anyway.

Hence the pediatrician’s derision for my parenting skills. Although, it turns out he also was less than impressed with my admission that we don’t currently have a working thermometer.

For the record I picked her up early on Friday, kept her home on Sunday and took her to the doctor first thing this morning. (She acted completely healthy on Saturday, when we went to Legoland for her belated birthday date with a friend. For the record.)

But the truth is: I am a terrible nurse.

Much as I love my family (and I do. I do!), I get thoroughly annoyed at them when they’re sick. I’m not the most patient person to start with, and you add in a whiny, wimpy sicko, and I have the shortest fuse ever. It’s heartwarming, really.

Strangely, playing doctor is one of Annalyn’s favorite games (and I don’t argue, since this game entails me laying on the couch and letting her pat my head and listen to my heart with her pretend stethoscope). And she loves the Disney cartoon Doc McStuffins so much that for most of October, she was planning to be Doc for Halloween.

[Do not even get me started on her last-minute decision to be a fairy princess instead. Do not get me started.]

I’m glad that so far, Annalyn hasn’t picked up any bad nurse lessons from me.
But I know it’s only a matter of time before she notices that her normally nice mommy is grumpy and short-tempered when her temperature rises and her nose runs. So I need to work on this – to be nice and to set a good example.

I’m trying. I bought a new thermometer and everything! And I have done way more back patting, hand holding and forehead feeling than normal. Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

Are you a good nurse when your loved ones get sick?

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