You don’t have to look far on this blog to realize that I am a hypocrite when it comes to romance.

I’ve written extensively about the dangers of letting romance novels, pop music and chick flicks shape our expectations and inform our relationship dynamics. Yet, I also confess – freely and often – to loving books, music, TV shows and movies about love.

So how do I really feel about romance? Well, I’ll tell you. It depends.

Just the sort of definitive answer you were looking for, right? No? FINE. Let me expand on that.

If we’re talking about the mythical version of romance that exists only in fiction and delusional girls’ minds, then I kind of hate it. Well, I love it and I hate it. It’s a love/hate relationship – and that is NOT romantic, no matter what your favorite sitcoms or chick flicks might try telling you.

Does that mean my heart didn’t skip last week while watching Nashville – or holymotherofkisses, the week before during New Girl? Um, no. I AM ONLY HUMAN. But it does mean that I’m a big enough girl to realize that all of that is just not real.

You hear me? Not. Real. Hot? Yes. Real? No.

So I love it because it’s fun and I wish it were real. But I hate it because it’s not real – and I wish it were. But it’s not.

But if we’re talking about the real kind of romance that I’m still learning to see and appreciate in my life – my real life – then oh yeah, I LOVE IT. If we’re talking about laughing at inside jokes and watching our favorite shows on the DVR and gazing at our so-frustrating-when-she’s-awake-but-dang-cute-when-she’s-sleeping kiddo together and leaving the porch light on and cleaning the kitchen even when it’s not my turn and holding hands in the car? Yep, I’m all for that kind of romance.

For more about how I really feel about romance, here’s a collection of posts from the archives:

What do YOU think about romance?

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