Between the season finales on my DVR and the snow (THE SNOW!) on my front yard, I’m can’t help humming, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” today.

Yes, it IS that time of the year – when we say goodbye to our favorite shows, some forever, and begin counting the days until our other favorite shows come back. May sweeps lead right into finales, and then we wait. And in the case of some summer shows, we wait some more.

Because it’s been so long since we talked TV around here, I thought I’d tell you about the finales I’m looking forward to most – and then ask about your favorites! But first, let me point you in the direction of a handy finale schedule. TV Line has a great calendar with all the finales.

A few of my shows have already aired their last episodes of the season: Cougar Town, Suburgatory and, as of last night, Parks & Recreation.

  • Cougar Town moved to TBS this year and remained pretty much the same – reliably funny and occasionally touching, but not necessarily must-see.
  • Suburgatory was iffy for me. I watched it every week, but not right away – and not always happily. Its cartoonish aspects are a little too much for me.
  • But Parks & Recreation is my favorite, now and forever. Ben and Leslie’s engagement and wedding were the season’s high points, for sure, but the finale last night was fun, too.

Now, onto the finales to come!

  • Hart of Dixie (May 7) – Will Zoe get back with Wade? I don’t know, but as long as she doesn’t hook up with George, I’m good. Poor George. Aside from that one trip to New Orleans, he is one boring dude.
  • Community (May 9) – Uggghhhhh. You guys. Not counting the puppet episode and the body-switching episode, this season has been the worst. I mean, they really Britta’d it. I’m hoping this finale is outstanding – and the end of the series, too.
  • Once Upon a Time (May 12) – I know everyone else is all worried about the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin and WHAT DID THEY DO TO BELLE? But all I really want to know is when we’re going to see more of Robin Hood…
  • How I Met Your Mother (May 13) – Look. I love Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. I DO. But a show reaches a point when it just needs to call it a day (See also: Community), and I think we’ve been at that point for a while. Regardless, we have one more season of HIMYM, so I’m simply hoping that this season’s finale – which is supposed to show us Robin and Barney’s wedding, if that’s even a real thing – makes the big reveal. Please, please, please let us meet the mother already!
  • Castle (May 13) – I love this show so much. Last week when they did a clip show and Beckett was standing on a bomb and Castle had to say goodbye but then saved her because he couldn’t say goodbye?! LOVED IT. I’m not sure the finale could top that – or some of the past finales. But I hope it does.
  • NCIS (May 14) – I’ve read that the next two episodes are about an investigation into how the team tracked down and then Ziva killed the person who killed her father and Vance’s wife. And the commercials – those tricky commercials – are teasing us about Tony/Ziva stuff. I’m not going to lie. I’ll take any Tony/Ziva crumb they’ll give us. And, oh yeah, I hope the team is all cleared of any suspicion without any major cliffhanger. Of course, this is NCIS we’re talking about, so I don’t see that happening.
  • New Girl (May 14) – Nick and Jess. NICK AND JESS!!! This season just keeps getting better, so I’m up for anything the writers want to throw at us at this point. Because, um, did I mention – NICK AND JESS!!!
  • The Mindy Project (May 14) – I really like this show. It’s uneven and vulgar and just not all that great. But I like it. A lot. It makes me laugh out loud every single week. I’m hoping the finale gets rid of Danny’s ex-wife for good. (Off the show, I mean. Not dead! Sheesh!)
  • Arrow (May 15) – Oh, you guys. I wish I could quit this show. It is super cheesy. But it’s also super good. I’ve read [SPOILER ALERT] that a main character will die in the finale. It better not be Tommy. Or his dad. Because I like Tommy, and I don’t want him to move to the dark side. Or die. And if his dad dies, he will surely turn into a Bad Guy. And I just don’t want to see that. No, I don’t.
  • The Office (May 16) – What? Since when am I watching The Office again? Since it was the last season, of course! I’m a sucker for series endings, so even though this show has been lame since Steve Carell left, I’ve been watching the past few episodes and will most certainly tune into the finale. My predictions? Happy endings for everyone and a not-so-surprise appearance from Michael Scott.
  • Nashville (May 22) – This show is SO GOOD! If you aren’t watching, YOU SHOULD. The music is fantastic. And the twisty, soapy relationship drama? It’s SO GOOD. (Did I say that already?) I have no idea what’s coming in the next weeks. I feel like the show has a big twist (or two) every single week, so basically, I’m just along for the ride.
  • Psych (May 29) – If they don’t get Shawn and Juliet back together, I am going to quit watching TV forever. (Okay, fine. That might be a slight exaggeration. An empty threat, if you will. But SERIOUSLY, Psych writers. Don’t mess with me on this. Make it happen.)

Whew! I don’t watch much TV, do I? (Shut up.)

I’ll write about summer TV and the premieres we have to look forward to in a few weeks. (Although Warehouse 13 already came back on, and I just can’t give up that quirky SyFy show!)

What finales are you most looking forward to? Or nervous about?

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