When it comes to my shows, I’m an all or nothing viewer. I will watch Every. Single. Episode., or I won’t watch at all. And no matter how many times a formerly fresh and clever show has jumped the proverbial shark, I will watch loyally until the very end of the series.


But every once in a while, I get so frustrated or disappointed with a show that I quit. I erase it from my DVR schedule and try to forget it even exists.

  • It worked with Grey’s Anatomy. [As long as I avoid those commercials!]
  • It worked with Big Bang Theory. [We’ll always have reruns.]
  • It worked with Bones. [As if I’d come back after that surprise pregnancy stunt?]

And it almost worked with The Office.

Once I began watching The Office (after co-workers convinced me I was The Only Person not watching it back in 2005), I never missed an episode. I stayed through the Stanford years and the Angry Andy episodes and the Michael and Jan insanity. I watched – and loved – it all.

But when Steve Carell left, the lights went out for me. I came back the next season, but not every week. And eventually, I stopped watching at all.

This is The Office’s final season, though. And if there’s one thing that will woo me back, it is a final season.

As I checked back in with the show I used to love so much, I saw major drama unfolding between Pam and Jim. Jim had started a new company in Philadelphia and was spending lots of time away from home while Pam quietly grew more and more resentful of the situation.

Was it possible our beloved PB&J weren’t going to make it?

As I’ve once again become a regular viewer, I’ve also started reading recaps and reviews of The Office again, too. And I have been so surprised by what I’ve found.

To read about why I’m still rooting for Jim and Pam
(despite what other fans have had to say about it),
join me at my friend Amy’s blog today!

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