You know those people who say, “I was such a great parent before I had kids”? Well, I didn’t OFTEN judge parents or make sweeping declarations about how I would NEVER do such and such.

But every once in a while . . . I couldn’t resist. (I’m sorry!)

I remember several years ago listening to a friend tell me about her young daughter’s new favorite song. The one that goes, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” Yes, that one.

If I could do that raising one eyebrow thing, I totally would have done that. In my head, of course. Not “out loud,” because, well, RUDE.

Anyway, I totally thought to myself – in my most Judgy Judgerson tone, of course – “I can’t believe she lets her daughter listen to that kind of music! I. Will. Never!”

Mm-hmmm . . .

Flash forward to, you know, NOW.

We listen to a lot of different music in our family, but I’m vigilant to make sure Annalyn doesn’t hear songs with bad words (technically profane or not) or inappropriate-for-small-ears topics. Mark isn’t as good a listener (he’s much more likely to name a song one of his favorites because of the melody rather than the words while surprise! I’m the opposite) or as quick on the change-the-station-NOW trigger, so he keeps his truck stereo glued to the Christian stations when Annalyn’s on board.


Mostly we’re both awesome parents. (RIGHT?) But sometimes we forget ourselves and those little ears soak up things like – oh, I don’t know – country songs that seem fine playing on the radio but sound awful coming out of her innocent mouth.


One of the catchiest songs on country radio right now (Go ahead. Judge and mock. It’s kind of the whole point of this post, so you might as well do it about my love of the country and western music.) includes lyrics about drinking ice cold beer . . . among other things that I’d prefer not hear come out of my five-year-old. GUESS WHAT SONG SHE LOVES TO SING???

And who can blame her? THE SONG IS CATCHY, I TELL YOU!

I have informed her that I don’t want her to sing that particular song because it’s, as she puts it, “unappropriate.” And I’m happy to report that her nightly concerts (no, I’m not kidding. What would you expect? She’s a rock star. Oh, you didn’t know? Well, she is. I know because she tells me. Daily.) feature mostly tunes from Little Mermaid and VeggieTales movies with a few of her own creations sprinkled in.

Still. Given my uppity response to my friend’s daughter all those years ago, I pretty much deserve to hear my little rock star singing in her tiny drawl, “The boys ’round here . . . drinking ice cold . . .”

Don’t tell. But it really was funny. And kind of cute. (GASP!)

Okay, fellow less-than-perfect friends. Let’s talk about eating crow. Have you ever [accidentally, perhaps?] judged a friend and lived to do the SAME EXACT THING? Or, if you’d prefer, tell me what embarrassing songs your kids like to sing!

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