Funny thing. As I was searching for an image to use for this post I found this one. It looked familiar, but I figured it’s because, over the years, I’ve done quite a few searches for vintage television images.

Turns out it’s the EXACT SAME PICTURE I used for last year’s “Wheeee! It’s fall TV time!” post. Heh. (This one, if you’re wondering what I planned to watch this time last year.)


Starting next week, new and old TV shows will start airing. That’s right. Despite the ridiculous weather, FALL IS HERE, people! (And just in time, since So You Think You Can Dance just wrapped up, and I’m kind of getting bored with my USA shows.)

Here’s what I’m planning to watch this fall, along with premiere dates (which, for the record, I have not written on my calendar. Just so you know.):

Once Upon a Time (9/29)

How I Met Your Mother (9/23)
Castle (9/23)
Hart of Dixie (10/7)

New Girl (9/17)
The Mindy Project (9/17)
NCIS (9/24)

Nashville (9/25)
Arrow (10/9)

Parks & Recreation (9/26)
The Crazy Ones (9/26)
The Michael J. Fox Show (9/26)
White Collar (10/17)
Covert Affairs (10/17)

Lots of big changes coming in a few of my favorite shows. This year is the last one for How I Met Your Mother, thank goodness, and the entire season will take place over a long weekend. THAT should be interesting. Ziva, one of the main characters in NCIS, is leaving the show early on this year, and I just don’t know how that’s going to turn out. And saddest of all – LITERALLY the saddest thing – Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving Parks & Rec. {Sad trombone.}

And that doesn’t even count all the cliffhangers we were left with at the end of last season! Will Castle and Beckett get married? How can Nick and Jess possibly make things work? How long will Rayna and Deacon be mad at each other now that they’ve been in a car wreck together?

THEN. There’s the long list of new shows to consider. As you can see, I’m adding The Crazy Ones (with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar working in an ad agency) and The Michael J. Fox Show right away. And I really, REALLY don’t want to add more.

But. But then I see previews for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (which shouldn’t look good because I know how silly the original one is EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT, but it does) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which, FINE, looks pretty funny) and Dracula (which, I don’t know. Okay? But it’s a short series, so it’s not a lifetime commitment. I know. I have no defense here.).

THEN I read a bajillion articles about how much people are looking forward to Marvels’ Agents of SHIELD. And my husband says, “Hey, maybe we should watch that Hostages show…”


I’m not sure I’ll commit to any of them. Then again. I’m not exactly known for my restraint when it comes to the TV…

In case you want to make your own spreadsheet or list or basic TV strategy for the fall, here are a few helpful links from TV Guide.

Day by Day Schedule
Fall Premiere Calendar
Info on New TV Shows
Trailers for New TV Shows
Where We Left Off with Old Shows

What shows are you looking forward to watching this fall?

Photo by dailyinvention

What should you watch next?


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