You know what happens when you go out of town over Labor Day weekend and then take the Holiday of Rest literally when you get home? Well, for one, your What I’m Into post is a few days late!

August seemed to go by quickly, probably because – thank God – school started halfway through. Even though we’re adjusting to new things left and right these days (reading homework! in kindergarten!), I’m beyond grateful for these few month of quiet and productivity. I know life will be turned upside down come January, so I’m taking full advantage of my kid-free days for now!

Speaking of January and life change, I’m now officially halfway through my pregnancy. I had a sonogram last week but the sonographer wasn’t completely sure about the gender. Lucky for us, Baby Mystery Gender also hid parts of his or her heart as well as those, ahem, gender-revealing parts. So I go back in a month for another look-see. Everything they did see was normal and healthy, though!

I’m still irritable and craving stupid junk food like Little Debbie cakes and cinnamon powdered donuts. And if I don’t get eight hours of sleep or more every night, I feel like total crap. But honestly, these are such small discomforts (for me…possibly not for the people around me…) that I can’t complain. My blood pressure is good, and as long as I don’t take any long road trips my feet are remaining their normal size. So – all in all? – things are good here.

Let’s talk about what we’re into. (Well, you know. I’ll tell you what I’ve been into and then you tell me what YOU’ve been into in the comments!)

What I’m Reading:
Well, I feel like I should have something better to put here after reading a few others’ What I’m Into posts. But…well…I don’t.

After seeing a commercial for the new Percy Jackson movie, I was inspired to re-read THE ENTIRE SERIES. And you know what? I still love it. So, why I think [every dang month] that I’m going to have some fancy-schmancy, hoity-toity GROWN UP books to talk about? I haven’t the slightest.

I also read the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie. The premise was interesting enough, but I could barely finish the third book. Even if dystopian YA novels are your thing, I’d skip this one. (But just look at those covers. Aren’t they lovely? *sigh*)

And, of course, I’m reading Speak Love: Making Your Words Matter by Annie Downs. It’s written for younger women (yeah, yeah, I see the pattern here) – but making my words matter applies to me, too. (And you. Read this one.)

What I’m Watching:
Summer TV is winding down, and we now begin the long torturous wait for new shows. Should I watch something on Netflix or Hulu? Hit me with your best recommendations. I’m looking for something short that I can consume in the next three weeks before “real” TV comes back.

Two of my favorite shows from the summer are still on, so it’s not like I’m completely without entertainment. Suits is so serious and Very Dramatic (and holy cow, they sure take full advantage of their license to broadcast profanity on this show), BUT I LOVE IT. I mean – that flashback show? With young, happy Harvey AND DONNA? Is anyone else watching this one??

And of course my beloved So You Think You Can Dance is fantastic. So. Very. Good. I never vote for any of the dancers because I can hardly choose. They’re ALL AMAZING, and I LOVE THEM.

Thankfully, Burn Notice is almost over. Now, don’t get me wrong. This has been one of our favorite cable shows for several years. But lately (the last couple of seasons, maybe), it just seems . . . tedious. Overdue for cancellation, honestly. And THAT bums me out. I do hope they make more movies like The Fall of Sam Axe about the other characters. Mainly I mean Jesse. Because he’s my favorite.

Somehow the whole month flew by without a date night, so I didn’t see any movies in the theater. But Smitty and I made time to rent Beautiful Creatures. Which is about a teenage witch and her one and only true love boyfriend. And is based on a series of books.

Now, I’ve read that the books are horrid. But the movie? It wasn’t bad! I actually kind of liked it, even though it veered into camp more than I expected. For once, I’m happy to have watched the movie and leave the books to others.

What I’m Eating/Cooking:
Well, my appetite is definitely back, thank you, second trimester. I’m trying to move past my Little Debbie cake stage, though, and the result is no bake cookies. I’ve been making A LOT of no bake cookies. I try to send most of them with Mark to work. But…yeah…I might just eat a lot of them, too…

Oh, hey! Speaking of food, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $50 VISA card, sponsored by the Kansas Beef Council!

What I’m Listening to:

Ever since Tsh wrote about hymns, I’ve been listening to a lot of them. But before you go thinking I’m too holy, you should know that I’ve also been listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

So there’s that.

And there’s also The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars. Have you guys heard this song? I know, I know. It was released a couple months ago. But I just heard it now and it’s…just…wow. I watched the video again tonight, and it gives me chills and makes me feel like crying and takes my breath away. It hurts my heart and…I don’t know. I don’t really have the words.

Best of this Blog:

When I say “best,” I mean a variety of things. Sometimes it means the posts I liked the best, and sometimes it means the posts you liked the best. (Occasionally it means both. But not always. Follow?)

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Last but not least, some videos:

Brian Williams Rapping Young MC

Kristin Chenoweth pulled an audience member on stage for a duet. Go ahead. Try to watch it without crying.

That’s what I’ve been up to and into. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Tell me how your August went and what you’ve been into!

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No bake photo by alibree. Because, let’s get real. I eat mine way too fast to get an actual photo.

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