The presents are opened, the food has become leftovers, the radio stations have returned to their normal broadcasting, and the house (well, my house, at least) is trashed. Christmas has come and gone, but I hope you still have an extra day or two of rest and time with the people you love most.

My family actually has four family gatherings and parties left over the next week and a half. And we’ve got a little bit of shopping, crafting, cooking and movie-watching on the agenda for the days in between. I even have a couple work days scheduled in there. But I’m still hoping to fit in some real important television viewing.

But what to watch? WHAT TO WATCH? That IS the question.

Mark and I have spent a good part of 2014 watching Friday Night Lights. It’s taken us a very long time, but as we move through season five, our time with Coach and Coach’s wife is coming to a close. We need to find a new show, but I’m just not sure what’s next.

We already watch Castle, NCIS and Forever together. We used to watch Psych, Burn Notice and White Collar, but as of last week all three of those shows are over. So, clearly we like procedurals with a hook and quirky characters. Although, we’re open to other types of shows. FNL doesn’t fit into that description at all!

As I face this decision, crowd-sourcing is the obvious solution. I began my research on Facebook (where else?), where you all suggested Blacklist, West Wing, Suits and Robin Hood (BBC). Speaking of BBC, I’ve also had many people gasp in shock that I haven’t watched Sherlock – and I think that’s something Mark would like.

West Wing has been on my want-to-watch list for a long time, but it’s a LONG series. Friday Night Lights was five seasons of 13 episodes each, and it’s taken us several months to get through it. So the thought of more, longer seasons is a bit overwhelming. But so many people I trust have promised it’s worth it…

Blacklist is another one of those shows certain TV-loving friends have been surprised to hear that I’m not watching. It looked okay when it started, but I couldn’t find room in my schedule. Perhaps now is the time?

I already watch Suits (and wish Mark would’ve started it with me, because I know he’d like it, but he didn’t, so he’s out of luck), and I need to learn more about this Robin Hood.

But maybe there are other shows out there that we’d love? Perhaps a comedy? Or an old show I’ve completely forgotten about? Help me out, friends!

What show should Mark and I watch next?

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What should you watch next?


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