WFMW: Tea Cups & Princess Dresses

On the way to my mom’s house on Saturday, Annalyn gasped. “Mom! I’m not wearing any pants!”

Don’t worry, friends. I didn’t let my daughter out of the house half naked! She was wearing a long dress. For quite a while now I’ve had her wear tights, leggings or shorts under skirts and dresses because sitting like a lady? Well, it’s hard. And thanks to genetics (you’re welcome for those big bones and thick frame, darling), the only pants Annalyn wears these days are stretchy ones – most often with a skirt over them to make the whole ensemble either more appropriate (leggings seem to get crazy tight overnight) or more attractive (I’m not going to lie; she looks adorable in the t-shirt, skirt and leggings combo).

So when I decided she didn’t need tights (it was a warm day, finally! Plus, she always complains about them being itchy.) or shorts (it’s a long dress, and we were going to a tea party not the playground), the result was my daughter feeling half-dressed in the car.

We’re obviously not in a pretty, pretty princess phase at our house.

But sometimes, even when girly stuff isn’t your thing, it’s still fun to act a little girly. And when your new dress sparkles and twirls? It’s definitely fun to look like a pretty princess.

I’ve never been super feminine. I hated pink for most my childhood, I was the only female in my family who didn’t like sewing, and I’ve always dreamed more of career and calling than family and home. (Ahem. NOT that a calling can’t be your family or your home. I just didn’t think it was mine.) I remember reading and camping and watching TV and riding my bike, but I don’t remember holding tea parties as a child.

So I would never in a million years think to host a tea party for all the women and girls I know. But my mom? She totally did. For the last several years, she’s held a tea party at her house. We get dressed up (I think I even wore a skirt one year…), we eat finger foods on tiny plates, and drink fancy tea from her beautiful collection of cups.

I don’t like hot tea or cucumber sandwiches or even scones. I don’t like putting on a skirt or pretending like I only want enough food to fit on a tiny plate. But I still love my mom’s annual tea party.

As much fun as our regular family gatherings are, it’s nice to visit with “just the girls” at this one. And because friends are invited as well as family, it’s fun having new people to introduce to my daughters.

Because I like to show them off. Okay? That’s what I’m saying. Because while I might not baring my legs so soon after the groundhog saw his shadow (He always sees his shadow.), I LOVE putting my girls in their prettiest dresses and twirling them around the room.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s good to feel pretty. It’s always good to visit with my cousins – and watch our girls play together. It’s always good to visit with my mom’s best friends – and watch our girls play together. And it’s always good to eat all the non-scone, non-cucumber sandwich food my brother made for the tea party that I can fit on my tiny, pretty plate!

Tea cups and princess dresses work for me.

Have you ever been to a tea party?

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