Ted, Marshall and the Star Wars

I haven’t seen the new Stars Wars movie yet. Okay? I know. I KNOW. I am as appalled – nay, more appalled – by this fact as you are. Especially when I consider that the movie came out on my birthday. MY BIRTHDAY.

And when you combine it with the number of movies I have actually watched since December 18, well, it’s just shameful.


Still, it struck me that perhaps you’d like to know what I watched in lieu of the biggest movie in a million years. (What’s that? You weren’t wondering? Weird.)

[And, SIDE NOTE, I will be seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens at my earliest convenience. I promise. Don’t cut me with your light saber, please.]


The Movies I’ve Seen in the Last Month Instead of Star Wars

  • Spy: Oh my gosh, you guys. I seriously laughed so hard that I cried so hard I could not see the screen. HILARIOUS.
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: I think this deserved better reviews and reception than it received. It was actually a whole lot more fun than Spectre, much as my James Bond-loving self hates to admit it!
  • Sisters: Was this the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler movie I’ve been dreaming of? Well, no. But it was better – and a million times funnier – than Baby Mama. So there’s that.
  • Self/Less: This Ryan Reynolds sci-fi-ish action-ish movie was pretty good. Not the best, but I like Ryan Reynolds. And sci-fi-ish movies.
  • Annie: Annalyn requested this one from last year, so we rented it over Christmas break. It was super cute, but what was UP with Cameron Diaz’s cartoonish performance?!
  • The Peanuts Movie: We took both girls to this on Christmas Day; it was Adrienne’s first movie. It was adorable and very loyal to the old Peanuts.

So, there it is. I did find all those movies quite entertaining, but I’m still dying to see the new Star Wars. Although, first I’d like to watch Episodes 4-6 to refresh my memory. (Look. I never claimed to be a “real” fan. I’ve seen the movies lots of times but not in several years!) And then I need to convince someone to go with me. When every person on the face of the planet has already seen it.

The struggle is real, as the kids say.

A few other movie notes:

– I’m still really anxious to see The Martian. And I’ve also got Burnt (Bradley Cooper in the kitchen) and Sicario (Emily Blunt in the FBI) on my list to watch soon. Of course, I still have Cinderella and Into the Woods on my list, and they’ve been out for AGES.

– Have you seen a preview for Hail, Caesar! yet? I’m not really a huge Coen Brothers fan, but this looks fantastic!

– I didn’t know that Alan Rickman was in Die Hard. Probably because I have never seen Die Hard. (Quit gasping and rolling your eyes. At least I didn’t say, as SOMEONE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS said, “Hey guys, did you know the bad guy from Robin Hood died?” To which we obviously said:

snape face

– Mark wants to see 13 Hours, and he’s hoping to go with friends. Not with me. Because I can’t handle rated-R violence. Or because it’s political and political things in a political year almost always make us fight. Or because he’s noticed that John Krasinski, circa 2016 movie, looks a little …different… than John Krasinski, circa Jim Halpert. Whatever. (But seriously…)

John Krasinski then and now

– The shortest trailer ever has been released for the new Wonder Woman movie. I want to see it now. Which is unfortunate since it doesn’t come out until 2017. Sadness.

So, those are all the movie notes I have for you. Not that you asked for my movie notes. Or that you care about my thoughts on movies, given my failure to see The Biggest Movie in the History of EVER yet. That’s all right. This just gives you the opportunity to tell me YOUR movie thoughts!

What movies are you looking forward to? What movies have you seen recently?

What should you watch next?


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