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I left one thing out of last week’s What I’m Into post. I’ve been working more hours on my part-time job, which means more hours sitting at my computer. And that means I’ve had more time to listen to podcasts.

My three favorites are The Popcast (pop culture with Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden), Sorta Awesome (all things awesome with Megan Tietz), and What Should I Read Next (books and more books with Anne Bogel, aka Modern Mrs. Darcy). As I listened to Anne talk to Leigh Kramer about books, Anne said something that stuck with me.

In reference to a book about vampires, Anne said that some books say, to her, “Move along. This one is not for you.”

I told you a few weeks ago that I’ve finally decided to stop reading books I don’t like, to put down the boring books, the annoying novels, the redundant reads. And I meant it! I have been closing books and walking away like crazy lately!

I chuckled when I listened to Anne and Leigh talk about their feelings about vampire books (and so many other things), because I have similarly strong feelings about zombie stories. I just DON’T DO zombies. Even a hint of zombie-like creatures screams to me, “Move along! This book is NOT FOR YOU!”


Anyway. I kept thinking about this idea, this list of buttons that books push to the point that we close their covers and put them in the garage sale box or the library shelf. I thought about it as I tried to read one more chapter of a book I’d bought on sale. It was only a dollar or two, but I did pay something for it. So I kept thinking I should give it another try.

Even though it was kind of boring.
And badly written.
And it was about angels. Who cussed a lot.

But that wasn’t even what made me put that book down for good. Apparently swearing angels isn’t the thing that tells me to move along. But a world — fantastical and fictional as a world can be — that includes angels AND fairies? Nope. Can’t do it.

What? THAT’S the tipping point for me? THAT’S my line in the sand? I guess so. I can imagine a world with angels. And I can imagine one with fairies. But both? Nope. Can’t do it. I have to move along.

So, let’s talk today. This is basically the opposite of my post about books that say, “Shut up and take my money!” Tell me about your hot buttons, your can’t-do-it topics or genres, the things that say to you, in Anne’s words, “Move along. This is not for you!”

What books can you [easily, always, automatically] put down?

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