It’s not often that I find myself singing John Denver, but when flying to Colorado, I can’t resist. “I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.” Of course, I do know when I’ll be back. Since Mark is picking up the girls and me at the airport, I’ve looked up our exact return flight information half a dozen times.

The girls and I are going to Estes Park with my parents for a few days this week. This will be Adrienne’s first time flying and Annalyn’s first time flying in a few years. To say we’re all a little anxious about this trip would be an understatement.

I wrote about flying with little ones a few years ago, and I can verify that the tips in that article are solid. That’s because I’ve been reading over them as I prepare for this trip! I’m glad I took the time back then to write about our experiences back then while the memories were fresh. I usually fly a couple times a year, but it has been quite a while since I had anyone other than myself to worry about at the airport or in flight. If you’re flying with kids this summer, head over to that post for some great tips!

And if you have tips or advice for traveling with kids, I’d love to hear them! A few more tips that I’m using this time around:

  • Roll your clothes (instead of folding them) to fit more into a suitcase. No joke, this tip (courtesy of Jessica Turner) has changed my packing life!
  • Take a handful of suckers on the flight to help little ears when the pressure changes. My eight-year-old has a retainer that comes with a no-gum rule, and my two-year-old doesn’t chew gum yet. So I’ve got bags of fruit snacks (also not great for the retainer, but oh well) and, even better, suckers.
  • Don’t skimp on the baby wipes. This tip is in my other post, but it cannot be repeated enough. No matter where you are in the potty training spectrum, take baby wipes for any and every mess or spill. You won’t be sorry!
  • Try a headphone splitter so kids can share one device. I don’t want to pack (and then keep track of) more than one device. So I’m downloading a few episodes of shows both girls enjoy to our Kindle Fire and then hooking up a headphone splitter. That turns one jack into two, so big sister can wear her earbuds and little sister can wear her new hot pink headphones.
  • Pray. Breathe deep. Remember you’re making memories and writing stories to be told for years to come. Even the accidents and meltdowns and spills and tears are part of the adventure. (Also, maybe pack yourself a little chocolate or wine or People magazine as a reward for surviving?!)

Do you have packing or traveling tips? Share in the comments!

Photo by Hillary Boles


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