A couple weeks ago I took a road trip with Knox and Jamie from The Popcast.

Okay, FINE, that might not be exactly what happened. But it felt like it did. After spending nearly 10 hours in the car over less than 48 hours, listening to episode after episode of The Popcast, I was convinced of many things.

1. Knox, Jamie and I are THE BEST of friends.
2. That does not mean I will not argue with them (or, you know, with my phone playing their podcast). Loudly.
3. I don’t care what they say about Timeless. It will probably still be my new favorite show.
4. Jamie needs to stop saying GILF, and Knox has no idea how much people in some cities love their baseball.
5. If I only ever wrote blog posts based on ideas I have while listening to The Popcast, I could write forever.

Several of my Facebook friends – and probably some of yours – have posted the same status this last week. It’s said, “Anyone who knows me knows I love ___________.” I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon (although I still might), but I think most of my friends would easily say I love TV and books (and cheesy pop music and, well, cheese).

And it’s true. I love my stories and, as I said last year, I’m not sorry about that.

Pop Culture Meets Faith | | #write31days

All of that is why choosing this year’s 31 Days series topic was a breeze.

While I’ve chosen many of my past topics in support of either a book proposal or book launch, this year is simply for fun.

I’m going to share some of my favorite posts – both by me and by other writers – about the intersection of pop culture and faith, where a book or song or show prompts deeper thinking or even heart change. I’m going to write some new posts about the ways pop culture has inspired me or encouraged me, and I might even share a list or a quote or a whole bunch of GIFs. Like I said, it’s for fun! LIKE STRETCHY PANTS.



Beginning today, I am endeavoring to share 31 posts, one each day of October, about faith inspired by pop culture. I hope you’ll join me this month, reading along but also sharing the ways YOU have been inspired or encouraged by a movie, a book, a TV show or a song.

As a matter of fact, I hope you’ll do the blog equivalent of setting your DVR – and subscribe! When you do, you’ll make sure every new post lands in your inbox. PLUS, you’ll be entered into a weekly drawing (during October) for gift cards to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and iTunes!

You can also bookmark this post (or pin it!). I’ll add links to each post in this series to this post as we go along.

Pop Culture Meets Faith: a 31 Days series

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