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I’ve been writing about TV for quite a while. Even when the focus of my blog was, ostensibly, giving up on perfect, I wrote about my favorite shows. And Superbowl commercials and movies I rented and, of course, the new shows I was looking forward to every year.

Every year I wait for the networks to present their slates of new shows at the upfronts in May. And every year I watch every single trailer for every single show on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. (Why can’t I ever find the time to clean my house or read the classics?!) I enjoy it and, actually, the past two years I’ve made a date night at home out of it by roping Mark into watching with me.

Yes, we’re a couple of wild and crazy kids over here.


This was the first year I realized watching the four major networks’ trailers wouldn’t be enough. This was the first year I needed to include new shows on streaming services in my fall preview.

I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. I’d have to look back to know for sure, but I suspect this is the first time we’re seeing the streaming services launch a number of shows at the same time network shows premiere, rather than spreading them out over the year like they’ve done before. Previously it’s felt pretty random, the launch of most streaming original shows. But this fall, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are launching a whole line of new shows.

So, here we are.

Putting the network (and cable) shows in the same post as the streaming shows felt like too much, so I decided to split them up. If you want to mark your calendar for the new network and cable shows, head over to that post now. (And to make sure you don’t miss any returning favorites, make sure you join my Facebook group, The Couch, where I tell you what to watch every week!)

Okay. Without further ado, here are 8 new shows you might be interested in watching this fall, complete with premiere dates and links to trailers.

9 Shows to Stream This Fall marycarver.com

  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (premieres 10/26, Netflix) — Kids, this is not your mother’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch! My daughter watched several seasons of the 90s sitcom, and I won’t deny it: I watched right along with her. This reboot, apparently, sticks closer to the much darker comics the show is based on. And it looks all too scary for me!
  • Elite (premieres 10/5, Netflix) — Three working class kids enroll in an elite Spanish academy. Murder, sex, drugs, and other hijinks ensue. It’s being described as How to Get Away with Murder crossed with Gossip Girl, in Spanish with subtitles. If you like your teen soaps real…soapy, this might be for you!
  • The First (premiered 9/14, Hulu) — In the near future astronauts travel to Mars. A grizzled Sean Penn leads the team, despite the family drama he and the others are leaving behind on Earth. If this were a movie, I’d be intrigued. I’m not sure about a whole series.
  • Forever (premiered 9/14, Amazon) — I don’t know what this show is about. It stars Maya Rudloph and Fred Armisen as a comfortable married couple. Who might be bored…and then something happens? I don’t know. But I’m going to check it out!

9 Shows to Stream This Fall marycarver.com

  • The Good Cop (premieres 9/21, Netflix) — A procedural police detective show from the creators of Monk, starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban and an odd couple father and son??? Yes, please!
  • Homecoming (premieres 11/2, Amazon) — Based on a podcast, this is a psychological thriller about a caseworker treating soldiers returning from war. Starring Julia Roberts. Looks creepy, but it will probably be good for anyone who likes psychological thrillers!
  • Maniac (premieres 9/21, Netflix) — This is described as a dark comedy, but the trailer looks intense! It stars Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Sally Fields, and Justin Theroux, and it’s about two people undergoing a pharmaceutical trial. I don’t understand what is happening in the trailer, but I am intrigued.
  • The Romanoffs (premieres 10/12, Amazon) — From the creator of Mad Men, this show will feature eight stories about people who believe they are descendants of the Romanoffs. Is it going to get weird? Graphic in one way or another? Will the stories connect? I don’t know! I can’t tell much of anything from the trailer, which is making me SO CURIOUS! I must watch!

There you have it. Eight shows I think you might be interested in, streaming on a platform near you this fall. Which streaming shows are you excited about?

What should you watch next?


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