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Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good? Okay, sure. The good news is that today’s guest is none other than my little brother, James! What? Yes, it’s true. The bad news is that we recorded together, in person, across my dining room table, with one microphone. Annnnnnd it shows. Awkward laughs abound and the sound quality isn’t great, but I hope you’ll just crank up the volume a bit and listen anyway. Because what could be more fun than listening to us go on and on about the Wizard of Oz and our love for it? Nothing. Nothing could. So, with that said, enjoy!

By the way, a week after we recorded this episode, I visited my grandma. Out of nowhere (NOWHERE!) she brought up the production of Wizard of Oz that James and I were part of and said it was the best children’s theater production she’s ever seen. Ever. Seen. I mean, you don’t know my grandma, but just believe me when I say this is high praise and not at all common. WHAT THE WHAT. How did Grandma even KNOW this conversation was happening? She didn’t. Apparently she’s just always thinking about us and the Wizard of Oz. Like you do.

If you missed it: click here for your free copy of Short-Lived Shows for Every Season.

That’s me as Glinda, high school theater, circa 1997; and my oldest as the Tin Man, Halloween, circa 2013.




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