Katie Reid—my friend and author—is here this week to talk about her new book, A Very Bavarian Christmas, which is basically a Hallmark Christmas movie waiting to happen. She talks about making the switch from writing non-fiction to fiction and, of course, why it is we love these types of stories so much. I know you’ll enjoy hearing from her.

If you order two or more copies of A Very Bavarian Christmas, by the way, you’ll get a free book club kit. So fun! (Click here for all the details on that.)

And hey, if you love holiday movies and haven’t listened to LAST WEEK’S episode, make sure you go back and do that too! Episode #59 is all about the new holiday movies on Hallmark and Lifetime that, believe it or not, start this week. So listen to today’s episode, listen to last week’s episode, and then head over to hookedonholidaymovies.com to get the free bundle I have for you to help make this your best holiday movie season ever.

All right, let’s get started!

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  • Stand-up comedy specials on Netflix and Prime (top recommendations: John Mulaney and Mike Birbiglia)


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