Oh, friends, do you know what day it is? It’s the beginning of Holiday Movie Season! Starting tonight, we have the opportunity to watch 87 (EIGHTY-SEVEN) brand-new holiday movies. Yeah! Eighty-seven!

And, odds are, the number will actually be higher because a couple channels that traditionally air holiday movies haven’t announced their plans yet.

Which is fair, because we haven’t even gone trick or treating.

But hey, this is how the world of holiday movies is now. We start EARLY. Never mind the fact that I just put up my Halloween decorations last night. Never mind that some unfortunate parts of the country are still super hot and annoyed with those of us able to wear jeans and boots and drink hot coffee without sweating. Never you mind! It is holiday movie season now (!), and that’s just how it is.

And I couldn’t be happier!

I realize that holiday movies of the cable TV variety are not for everyone. (Although, heads up, my list of 87 movies includes one premiering in the theater. So, there.) And that’s okay. You’ve got your comfort food, I’m assuming, and I have mine.

Are you wondering where those 87 movies are coming from? Well, let me give you a breakdown:

Hallmark Channel – 24
Hallmark Mysteries & Movies – 16
Lifetime – 28
UPtv – 10
Freeform – 1
Netflix – 6
Disney+ – 1
Theaters – 1

And I didn’t think I’d use math when I grew up!

ANYWAY. As always, my good friend and colleague, Anna Rendell, and I are teaming up to bring you Hooked on Holiday Movies, a project dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to enjoy this holiday movie season to the full.

What can you expect from this year’s Hooked on Holiday Movies?

We’ll be bringing you bonus podcast episodes, Facebook Live videos, an updated Hooked on Holiday Movies resource bundle, giveaways, and a brand-new, 10-day devotional inspired by holiday movies. We’re also opening up a space for you to discuss every single Hallmark movie in my Facebook group, The Couch; and I’ve started a fun little Instagram account for you dedicated to all things Hallmark and holiday movie related.

We’re so excited to get started!

Next week we’ll have the first bonus podcast episode for you, where we’ll talk about the very first holiday movies of the season. We’ll also have that bundle of goodies for you (including the devotional) and an incredible giveaway. And today (I told you we can’t wait to get started!), we have a FREE printable schedule of all 87 movie premieres.

Click here to get your premiere schedule.

And as you head into Holiday Movie Season (and wait for all the fun stuff we’ll have for you next week), here are a few other resources for you:


Wanna watch Hallmark movies but don’t have cable? Frndly TV is a streaming app that has all three (THREE!) Hallmark channels, as well as several other family-friendly channels. You can watch live or on demand, and it’s as low as $5.99. Check it out with a FREE 7-day trial here!

Are you excited for holiday movies? Have you gotten your premiere schedule yet?

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