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So, sometimes I have what I think is a fantastic idea for a podcast episode and it turns out just like that. Fantastic. Other times, I scribble a note after someone makes a random, offhand comment and then stick to it like it’s a bit I’m contractually obligated to carry on for eight seasons. And the latter might be what happened here.

In theory, my friend Amanda and I got together to talk about our favorite Santa movies. Because, holidays. And because, she mentioned it one time and I thought it was a good idea. But, really, we got together to talk about Santa movies and chocolate covered bacon and what we have told our kids about Santa and about hey, remember that time we talked about Pushing Daisies and Chuck? Yeah, that’s this episode. We’re a bit off the rails and even our sound is a little wonky. So if listening to two friends laugh and chat and laugh some more is your jam, well, you are in for a treat, my friend.

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Welcome to The Couch!

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