7 Salads I Want to Try This Spring (WFMW)

I read somewhere that April is the new New Year's -- or, maybe more accurately, can be considered a New Year's Do-Over. I'm not sure this is official or anything, but I'm going to go with it. I mean, I'm going to go with it in the morning. Because I might possibly be...

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The Meal I Make Almost Every Single Week

Lately I've been trying harder to menu plan and grocery shop and all those other things that I should do and want to do and am always glad I did afterwards but find it nearly impossible to do on a consistent basis. I've been mildly successful. (Though don't expect...

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20 Delicious Dips for Game Day

Dips are my favorite food group. Sometimes they're my favorite part of a party, if I'm honest. (You know that song, "Here" by Alessia Cara? You know, the introverts' theme song of 2016? I love it - but I have to wonder if she'd be so bummed out being stuck at that...

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Bacon Makes Everything Better [WFMW]

I bought Mark a shirt with this graphic a few years ago. For the record, he's been a big fan of bacon for a long time - since well before it was A Thing. But now that it's a thing, he can celebrate his love with t-shirts. So that's good. We had a bacon disaster a...

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WFMW: Trying New Recipes

I love Pinterest. One place to save all the great ideas I find and things I want to do? Count me in! Thousands of pins in, as a matter of fact. Of course those thousands of pins are sorted into dozens of specific boards, but it can still be overwhelming to sift...

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WFMW: Oreo Magic Brownies

As I was working on some blog planning today, I realized that I missed a big day. National Oreo Day was last month, apparently. And we missed it! Since I love all things Oreo and cookies-and-cream-flavored, this is indeed sad. Since I've rejoined Weight Watchers, this...

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WFMW: Make-Ahead Mini Quiches

I am not a morning person. [People who have lived with me, feel free to hashtag that with #understatement...] I'm not. I like staying up late and do it even when I shouldn't, even when I have to get up early (or what morning people call "late"). So mornings are not my...

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