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My brother is back on the podcast to talk about musical TV shows, episodes, and scenes — and we are so proud of ourselves for not breaking into song and dance a single time. It’s a miracle! (Yes, I did sing that in my head.)

Because we are both super psyched about the new NBC show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (you can watch the pilot here), we decided to deep dive into all of the best and all of our favorite (sometimes the same thing, but not always) singing and dancing on TV. Well, not all of it. This is already a supersized episode and that’s with some strict parameters! While we certainly would have loved to chat (fine. GUSH.) about every single note sung or played on television in the history of ever, we had to limit ourselves a bit.

So today we are sharing musical shows, episodes, and scenes from scripted shows only and almost exclusively from the past 20 years. And it had to be a thing where the characters actually did the singing, rather than a soundtrack or even lip syncing. If that’s your jam (musical pun intended), this episode is for you. Enjoy!





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